Perception Tribe 9.5 Kayak – Sit-On-Top reviews

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If you need a well built, affordable and recreational kayak go for the Perception Tribe. It is very light to allow you maneuver on land and easier to exit. Tribe is exceptional and one of the best fishing kayak. There is just so much room on it and as you surf upstream or downstream you can take your dog along. When you are on water you can move around to different seats on the kayak. The longer paddles are absolutely enjoyable on this kayak. The paddles have molded handles and as you paddle you will get to be even more comfortable resting your feet on the foot rests. Enhancing your comfort are the decent seats even though you can add a self inflating cushion under it. Launching the Tribe is so easy and quick. It is one of the few kayaks for fishing which allows you to replace the skid pad.


  • It is made of linear polythene which is durable and offers you easy care.
  • There are many eyelets accessories that can be attached to the Perception Tribe.
  • You can go fishing with a drink placed on the molded in cup holder.
  • It is user friendly especially for beginners like the kids.
  • The stable short and open cockpit allows for easy accessibility.
  • Its versatility will allow you to paddle through slow moving rivers and rough surfing as well.
  • It comes with secure tankwells to secure your aft.
  • Has a foldable seat with high backs for extra comfort.
  • The handles make it easy to paddle through water.
  • It also has a skid plate which protects you from shallow waters especially when dragging onto the shores.
  • The kayak has a hull design which offers comfort, control and good speeds.


  • It is not easy to tackle in adverse and windy conditions.
  • If you are so tall you might have a problem fitting in the kayak.
  • You might also get wet in choppy water.

If you are new to fishing in kayaks the Perception has all it takes. In fact once you get it you will not need any other. It has what it takes for the best fishing experience and durability. You can also use it to mess around your back pond.

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