Kayak fishing review

A Kayak club often has 15 members, not too many, but it is reasonable for support each other. Kayak is popular but not everyone can use it properly. Kayak users need to have some basic but important conditions which are good swimming ability and good health. Another important condition is passion. Others with cars or motors, operating a Kayak for fishingtrip is much more complicated and it requires users to have a detailed plan. But, in otherwise, it is also much more interesting and wonderful for passionate Kayak users; when they finished a lower level, they just want con conquer a higher level and so on. Kayak fishing is more fun than other kind of boats; you can reach closer to the water surface, see the fishes and many other sea creatures. The dream of having your own boat isn’t that far away (not a cruise, of course!), some Kayak can provide you space to storage fishes, foods, and equipment for the trip.

Kayak is not a one-man hobby – you should play it with others.

Kayak users rarely go on fishing trip alone. They always group up in order to support each other, especially in danger. A Kayak user shares his memoirs about a frightening trip of his and his friend. They went on a Kayak fishing trip on a 30 km river which has many falls and rapids. Usually, they examine every topographic of rivers or falls before starting a trip but they can not examine this river in person because there is no road near it; they can only inspect it through Satellite map. They went to the trip without knowing if there would any rapids or falls wait for them ahead, they could only hear the sound of water to guess. Unfortunately, it was heavy rain at 4 in the afternoon and the sky was getting dark quickly, they had to row until 6pm to reach the safe spot. His friend was stucked behind for 15 minutes and the stream pushed the friend into a big bush, the Kayak was broken into two. He felt so worry like a big rock stands in his heart and mind, wonder if his friend was fine, he was drowning himself at the time. After a long time, he was rescued by local people and fortunately, he was just stuck under a suspension bridge. After that frightening trip, he learned the lesson of never going in a Kayak fishing trip alone.

Before a Kayak fishing trip, you should also strength train and practice rowing skills. You need a good health to deal with unexpected problems during your trip. Preparation for fishes preservation is another thing you should note. You can bring some net to keep the fishes under water or some ice (or nitrogen ice) for preservation. Kayak does not have a large space so you need to allocate all the things you will bring during the trip and after fishing. Depending on your usual trips’ purpose, you can choose your best Kayak for fishing with our advices. Hope you enjoy! 😀

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