How to choose a best Kayak for fishing (part 1)

First of all, you need to ask yourself some questions below:

  • Where will you go for a Kayak fishing trip? A calm surface pond, lake or river with heavy streaming and wind? Is it wild or dangerous? This is the first factor that you need to understand wisely.
  • How long will you go? Some miles or more? Or is this trip going to last for days and you have to bring your camping backpack? This factor affects to the capacity of Kayak that you need.
  • Will you row your Kayak all by yourself or with a team mate? If you row all by yourself, you will need a Kayak which is portable. Rowing in pairs or teams will give you more options. Notes: you should go on a Kayak trip in team for support and helping each other in some unexpected situations.
  • How good are your rowing skills? And what do you want in a Kayak for fishing? What do you need in your upcoming trip?
  • How will you move and store your Kayak? Hard hull Kayak for fishing is quite cumbersome. Is your car equipped with luggage racks? Do you have a storage room in your house or apartment?

A Kayak boat can move quickly, it is mobile and interesting, and suitable for multiple purposes. If your need is spending time for relaxing with your family on a calm lake, enjoying the atmosphere of our mother nature, you might want to consider to buy a Kayak for fishing.

We will classify some kinds of Kayak for your best choice:

Recreational Kayak for fishing:

This is the best Kayak for relaxing time in a quiet day on a quiet lake. It provides you a basic consistency, you can even feel it when you step on the Kayak, and newbies (Kayak freshman) will be comfortable on it. If you are a photographer, you can be assured to do your job without being afraid (for yourself and your expensive cameras).  People who like fishing and average rowers will choose this kind of Kayak for their joys on small river, pond or lake.

This Kayak is not quite suitable for big streams, windy topographic or gyres. You can choose between inflatable one and hard hull one, base on your purpose and hobby. If you do not want to carry heavily on short trip, you should totally choose an inflatable Kayak. Hard hull Kayak is the best for fishing trip and adventure. It also requires you to calculate wisely to have a plan of transport on land.

Day touring Kayaks and Sea Kayaks:

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