Help you to find a best Kayak for fishing

If you are no longer satisfied with backpacking trip on your motors or cars, like many other adventurers who are finding a new method to enjoy their discovery of nature and the beauty of their life. One of those new methods is fishing with Kayak.

I once heard about the Kayak’s myth that the natives in North America used fur wrapped Kayak for fishing and hunting. The original name of ‘Kayak’ is Qajaq but the westerns pronounce it simply as Kayak. Best Kayak for fishing is a convenience transport on water areas such as river, lake or bay… its two tops are pointy and it has a great ability to move through waves. Not surprisingly, it became the best transport for discovering and fishing, especially for those who want to experience strong feelings and adventurous hobbies all over the world.

It became popular in the 90s but in recent years, when the packbacking trip is a new hot trend, many travel agents operate interesting Kayak fishing tours for tourists. Also, there are numerous Kayak clubs which are found by young adventurers, the main purpose is finding the best Kayak for fishing and enjoying trips in a brand new way.

Most Kayak users often start with a low level such as small lakes or rivers in local. After practicing and experiencing a lot, some of them can continue to a higher level as falls or even the ocean… Kayak users usually have a meeting as a group to share their experiments and reviews for newbies and also share their endless feelings about Kayak fishing.

Kayaks have some types such as composit plastic Kayak or thicken rubber Kayak or you can even find a simply inflatable Kayak. If you are looking for a Kayak for fishing oversea or bringing on tours, you can choose an inflatable Kayak. It can be easily carried on plane by folding in, and the best feature is its weight – super light. Rubber Kayak or composit plastic Kayak is pretty heavy and cumbersome.

A professional traveler shares his review of Kayak. His Kayak is inflatable one with a weight of 20 kg, backpack of a full Kayak including paddles, air pumper and other accessories is about 25 to 27 kg, and it can be fold in and carried on our shoulder. In summary, inflatable Kayak is easy to carry around and easy to find. Multi-purposes Kayak can even move on many different topographics.

Kayak in general is pretty light, its sole is flat and Kayak can always float on the surface of water no matter how, it is different from other V-shape-sole boats which are easy to be flipped, Kayak is slow but safe. You may find a shipbuilder in your local to build your own one with a reasonable price because Kayak now is quite popular for its high applicability. A reference price for a normal Kayak is about $960/pc. The price can be different, depends on the popular material in each local, shipbuilder’s qualification, your other detailed design or features. You should note to buy other important accessories such as paddles and air pumper (for inflatable Kayak), fishing tools, specialized clothes…etc.

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