My name is Glenn from Austin TX, and yes, I have had a long standing affair with kayak fishing for some time now. For a guy living in Texas, a state where canoeing and kayaking form a great outdoor activity, this is expected right? My love for the practice grew from a tender age when my dad would take me with him for a little father-son bonding experience. And boy did it work its magic. I mean what more could a young boy ask for in a sport where the pace is set by you as you catch fish?

Fast forward twenty years later when I actually got my nose into it, learning all the intricacies surrounding the sport. I have always thought the sport is a simple one and for the most part inexpensive, I am sure you did too. So I set out to discover ways to better the sport, initially for myself and now share my experiences and knowledge I have gathered over the years with you, who share the same passion and excitements with me.

First time I went out kayaking solo, when my dad could no longer tag along, I walked into a store to buy a kayak. With how easy my dad used to make it look, you can imagine my disbelief when I learnt that selecting a kayak is a process that has to be thought through critically. The local store was packed with different kayak designs and features. Turns out, if I were to choose the best kayak, I was to consider the location I was to go fishing. Is it a lake, river or pond? Salt water or fresh water? Launching in the surf or bays? My target fish and a myriad of other questions. All these were factors that affected the features I was to pick out. The advancements in technology didn’t make it any easier.

So I decided to attend a training program to learn on the basics of kayak fishing and build up on that. I had never been happier to finally take the real first steps into a world I enjoy and love.

Over the years, I have tried and tested different types of kayaks in different fishing location in and around Austin, Texas. From sit in to sit on kayaks, from the entry level kayaks to the best in the market under $1,500.

With all the kayaking, my skills and techniques handling the paddles, anchors and kayaks improved immensely. Unfavorable environmental conditions were and still are opportune to honing my skillset. The varying weather conditions challenged me to quickly adjust to survive to enjoy another fishing opportunity. There are several tips and tricks to survive ugly weather, aside from fishing with a buddy or letting someone know where you are.

Alligators as I have learnt are rarely a threat during the day. They however do transform into bolder predators under the cover of darkness. Sharks on the other hand are more of a threat to you in your imagination that they are in real life. But that is unless you hook one up.